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1.Inception Stage

            During the 17 and 18 century happened a disputation cogitation trend of biology sector. They were Animalculists and ovist trend, animalculists trend  said that “a little human” is perfectly formed inside sperm and it would be ready to work out when the place is support it. But ovist trend said the other way that the little human is inside the ovum or it have formed and the growth is activated by sperm. But, an anatomy expert namely kaspar friedrich wolff indicated that the embryo is not formed in one of parents and each of parent has same contribution in formation of new human.

            Fertilization (conception) is the early process where the sperm and ovum united to create a cell it is called zygote. The fertilization is not all end by birth cause when fertilization happened most of sperm which product by man reproduction gland will strive through a cervix and go to. But, it just a few of them can arrive at it. sometimes the fertilization can produce a twinning. There are two ways cause the twinning, are:

v    The general way is body’s mother produced two ovum in a contiguous time or sometimes the ovum which has not fertilized yet is cleaved becomes two then two ovums have been fertilized becomes dizygotic twins.

v    The second way is when the ovum has been fertilized then cleaved becomes two, the babies which are produced from this cleaving cell is called monozygotic twins.

2. The development of physical for about first three years

            The first parturition is preparation period from.

Parturition has three stages, are :

1)      Open a cervix

2)      Go down and come out a baby

3)       Come out the rope of navel and placenta

            From those processing, there are two methods of born, are :

1)    Caesarean is a procedure of surgical operation to exclude a baby from the uterus with making a thing to put into the mothers stomach.

2)    Vaginal is birth method which work out three stages above.

a.      Baby  who has just born

           When a baby has just born still has to adapt with a life outside of the uterus, during a shift from inside to outside the uterus is called neonatal period. During first day, neonates (baby who has just born till four weeks) loose the weight and work out an increasing of weight, prenatal hair fall off and the protective layer of vernix caseosa dried. Fontanel is close at first 18 months.

b.      The development of early physical

            Giving mother’s milk has many benefits for health, sensory and cognitive. It should do exclusively at least first 6 months. children’s body grows dramatically for about first year of life, the growth is fast moving then decrease in  first three years. 


3. The development cognitive for about first three years

            Three kinds of classic phenomenological which is in development cognitive category:

•Behaviorism Development: learn about mechanics base learning.

This development is concentrate to behaviors changing as the response the experience.

•Development: learn about development cognitive which describe the step of cognitive job quality.


4. The Base of Psychosocial  Development

            The base of Psychosocial  Development is emotional. Emotional development happens in a series, so that emotional complex is like amend from a simple emotional. The development of brain is linked to emotional development, but emotional is not only influenced by the development of brain, but also structure of brain.