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Global  warming is one the most series challenges facing us today.To protect the health and economic well  being of  current  and future generations,we must  reduce our emissions of heat trapping gases  by using the  technology,know-how,and practical solutions alreadyat our disposal.

Tropical deforestation is the largest source of emissions  for many developing countries,but slowing  deforestation can’t solve the climate problem by itself.for  years we have heard so much about the causes of climate change,that we’ve missed  the fact  that there are simple,practical  solutions that can slow this growing  problem.Thecnologies  exist today that  can cut emissions of heat-trapping gases  and make a real difference in the health of our planet.and this solutions will be good for  economy,reduce our  dependence on foreign oil,and  enhance our energy security.Global warming doesn’t  just mean balmy  February days in northern also means increasingly hot days in the summer ,and a host of negative impacts that  are already under way and are  expected to intensify in the coming decades.

·        More heat waves will likely  increase the risk of heat  related illnesses and deaths.

·        Cities and towns along the nation’s major  rivers will experience more severe and frequent flooding.

·        Some areas will likely experience more extensive and prolonged  droughts.

The solutions to climate chanige are here and it’s time we put them to us.if we get started today we can tackle this problem and decrease the unpleasant outcomes that await us if we do nothing.

The scientific consensus is in.our planet is warming ,and we are helping make it happen by adding more heat trapping  gases, primarily carbon dioxide (co2),to the atmosphere.the  burning of fossil fuel (oil,coal and natural gas) alone accounts for about 75 percents of annuel CO2 emissions from human activities. Deforestation the cutting and  burning  of forest that trap and store carbon accounts for about another 20 percent.

Procrestination is not an option. Scientists agree that if we  wait 10,20,or 50 years,the problem will be much more difficult to address and the consequences  for us will be that much more serious.our atmosphere has limits too.CO2 remains  in the atmosphere for about 100 years. The longer we keep polluting, the longer it will take to ricover and irreversible damage will be done.

That all my speech,if I have many mistakes please for give me. Thank you very much.